I love drawing cute outfits so much orz

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so guys im trying my hand at commissions!!! basic prices are explained above, i will draw literally anything from monsters to trolls to mermaids to dragons to people!! i can do furries to for any of the options for the same price!!!! for more examples of my art, click here

just for clarification, its $5 per single full coloured head shot. please specify the expression/s you want the character 2 be pulling!

its not on the list but for a full body single character pic is $12, and for halfish body pics +1 chara is only $2. so if you wanted 3 charas done w/ a halfish body shot it would be $14.

if u want 2+ charas full body it will be $20, and depending on the intricacy of the outfits and whether you want a background will depend on the additional cost.

if you wanna commission me just go to my submit box!

all payment will be run through paypal in USD. thank u for readin n if u wanna signal boost that would be awesome!!!

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whoops I meant to answer those privately, still not used to doing things on mobile haha

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ch4lk-d1rty-to-m3 asked: "I saw you at Anime Midwest!!! I took a pic of you in the Dealer's Alley I was Ciel Phantomhive!! :D :D :D"

Ah cool! Nice to meet you! :3

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appleberry-bla2t asked: "That cosplay with baby feferi and big sister meenah is adorable!"

Thank you! We’ve been looking forward to doing it for a while, I’m glad it turned out as cute as we hoped!

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Baby Feferi was super excited to meet her favorite Adventure Time princesses. Thank you Princess Bubblegum  ( bakamonocosplay ) and Flame Princess ( angeldictator ) for making her dreams come true!

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Baby Feferi goes to con! She had a ton of fun meeting all her homestuck friends and alternate selves. Plus all her favorite characters from other things!

Feferi was l
Eridan was androidhunter

Shoot me an ask if you see yourself or someone you recognize, so I can credit them. 0u0

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look for more pictures after the con!

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